Want to Remove Smell From Home? Here’s How Easy It Is!

The large number of activities that take place in our dwellings often causes the smell of unpleasant scents. The scent could be caused by many things, such as the smell of food stored too long in the refrigerator, clothes stored long in the wardrobe, or it could also smell from newly repainted walls.

The unpleasant aroma, especially if it does not disappear soon, will inevitably make the atmosphere of the house uncomfortable. Here are easy tips to ward off a wide variety of unpleasant scents at home that you can do.

1. Open home window

It’s no secret that fresh air can immediately remove unpleasant odors inside the house. This is why open the windows of the house and doors that lead outside so that the unpleasant smell can immediately come out and replace the fresher air.

2. Place a bowl containing water and salt

Placing some of these bowls containing water and salt is highly recommended to ward off unpleasant odors in the recently painted room. In addition to water and salt, another way to try to repel the unpleasant smell in the room that has just been painted is to put shredded Bombay onions into the basina large water-filled om and then put it in a newly painted room.

3. Place baking soda inside refrigerator

Too many kinds of food stored in the refrigerator have the potential to cause bad odors. To prevent this, place one box of baking soda in the refrigerator. This baking soda will absorb the unpleasant smell inside the refrigerator. In addition to baking soda, putting pandan leaves into the refrigerator and letting them dry can also evaporaterouse an unpleasant smell in the refrigerator.

4. Clean long unopened cabinets

An unpleasant smell like the smell of apocalypse often encountered when we opened the wardrobe for a long time. An effective way to neutralize it is to clean it by wiping it with a clean cloth soaked with soapy water.

In addition to the inside, also wipe the outside of the cabinet with water already dissolved with soda powder. Put it away for a moment and then clean it with water and then dry it so that the condition of the newly cleaned cabinet does not become damp.

How, isn’t it hard instead of doing the tips above? To prevent bad odors from coming indoors again, don’t forget to regularly clean the house, including floor cleaning. For problems cleaning the floor, hand it over to Magiclean Wiper. This series of best-of-breed floor cleaning products will make a mEMBRANE WORKhkan the floor to be lighter and more pleasant

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