How to Clean Home With the Little One

The house looks messy and mom needs help tidying up and cleaning it? Why not just take the kids? At first it may be difficult to ask them to help clean the house, but first try the fun way to clean the house with the child as follows.

Assign Tasks Related to Their Beloved Objects

In order for children to help clean the house, assign tasks that are still closely related to their favorite objects, such as toys. Ask them to clean up their finished toys by giving them the understanding that if they don’t clean them up, toys such could be lost or damaged.

Also remind that toys that are not immediately tidied and cleaned may store dust. For example, hairy dolls that are not regularly cleaned can store dust and dusty dolls can cause respiratory problems, such as asthma, flu etc.

By giving that understanding, it is certain that children will gladly help to clean the house and that once very heavy homework can become lighter.

Clean the House at the Same Time as Play

Why wouldn’t you? Can do house cleaning at the same time as play. An example is that we can assign a child to clean the yard. While cleaning let them do it while playing a game they really like in the yard.

Cleaning the house while playing will make cleaning the house that was once heavy become lighter because the activity feels more enjoyable. There is no need to be afraid if the child plays dirty while cleaning the yard because according to the Director New Engalnd Biolabs Research in Massachusetts, Dr. Sir Richard John Roberts, if still in reasonable condition, could help his body build a good immune system.

After playing while cleaning the yard, don’t forget to remind the child to clean his body immediately to keep his body healthy.

Give Reward So The Little One Can Be More Excited

Give a reward as a result of his hard work helping clean the house. There is no need to take shape because enough by giving him compliments, the child already feels happy and will surely gladly help clean the house at a later time.

But if there is indeed funding, there is nothing wrong with occasionally giving him the stuff he dreams of as a reward so that he can more eagerly help clean the house.

Wear Magiclean Innovative Floor Cleaning Tool

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