Here’s the Shortest Home Cleanup Trick

Every day we are faced with the task of cleaning the house. But when there is another business that takes up a lot of time, this one task is often missed. How, then, can cleaning your house no longer be missed and not take too long? Check the tips below!

Prioritize Essential Cleaning

One of the secrets of cleaning the house quickly is to put priority on cleaning the essentials. First is washing the dishes, then sweeping the floor and last is cleaning the bed. By doing those three important things, the house will appear clean.

To make the floor cleaning work easier and more enjoyable, always use the best floor cleaning product series, Magiclean Wiper, which consists of one consisting of Magiclean Wiper Stick (floor cleaning sticker) that can be used together with Magiclean Wiper Dry Sheet (lian cleaner dry paper)tai), and Magiclean Wiper Wet Sheet (floor cleaner wet tissue).

Magiclean can be a substitute for sweeping and mopping in just 1 tool. Magiclean Wiper Dry Sheet is potent in lifting dust and hair flying on the floor and Magiclean Wiper Wet Sheet is capable of lifting sticky spills on the floor.

Cleaning Dust

Dust adhering to the surface of a desk or photo frame is usually very easily visible. Looking at the stuck dust, many of us feel lazy to clean it, even though cleaning the house from this dust doesn’t take long and can be done in less than 10 minutes. Use lap microfiber fabric for cleaningn quickly. Such special materials are capable of cleaning dust, dirt, oil, etc.

Cleaning the Bathroom

It’s no secret, the bathroom is one of those areas that aren’t particularly favored for doing clean-up acts. But remember, this place is a must-be-priority one and actually to clean the bathroom doesn’t take that long.

The quickest way to clean it is to first clean the toilet, then spray disinfectant liquid all over the bathroom floor and walls. Allow a moment because actually the liquid could work itself lifting dirt. After silencing for a moment, brush it quicklyuh floor and bathroom walls. Lastly, sprinkle with clean water.

Retrieve and Hide

When the house is not yet clean properly, but suddenly there’s news of a guest coming soon, don’t panic. Focus on cleaning on visible areas only. For other areas, perform the ‘take and hide’ action. Take, for example, everything that is scattered and not in place.a, like books, toys and clothes into one basket or other container. Then hide it in one place that the guest will not see. After the guests return home, then the hidden items are tidied up to where they belong.

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